Where to start when you want to have a web app

Life in The Netherlands is good in general. Since a few month I life in Amsterdam, that’s even better. Very lively, which I like. Within a few hundred metres from my house I have several bars and restaurants. Another great thing about living in Amsterdam is that Uniface is nearby. I can drop-in whenever I want (and whenever they allow me to J).


Last week I attended a Uniface lecture. This are monthly technical sessions with a presentation from someone from Uniface and a hands-on. Eat some nerdy pizza and soda with other developers. Just like the old days when I was a young consultant, I like it!

The lecture from last week was the first in a series of three about developing a responsive web app. David Akerman from Uniface explains what a web app is, how to make it responsive and shows the few steps you need to take to create one.


To be honest, before this lecture I was not brave enough to build my first mobile web app. I’ve used DPS’s and USP’s before. But creating a whole new app…. Wow! Maybe you recognize what I mean. You have all the information, it can be found on the web. If some is missing, you can browse on uniface.info or ask someone for help. I am sure you can call Uniface for advice. But somehow you don’t know where to start, isn’t it.

With this series of lectures you can have a step by step guide to create your first response web app. I will use this info to build mine. It turns out it’s actually very easy. But you know what the hardest part is? Getting rid of this comfort zone thing called client-server. So I decided to start client-server. Just to get started in the first place. The idea is to build an app and make it available for free on the app stores of Google and Apple. I’m looking forward how I am going to do this, but I have to start somewhere and I’m sure the Uniface Lectures will be a good guide. During this building process I will share the progress with you.

As you know, I have initiated a community for Uniface developers. All pieces of code we need to build will be shared in a community site. This way we build a Uniface community, we have pieces of coding to share and test them at the same time!

Because most of us don’t life in The Netherlands or Belgium, the Uniface organizes a webinar 2 days after the lecture. So you can all have the same information! You can find this presentation on the web, just browse youtube or follow this link to go this webinar directly. Sad thing is, you need to order the pizza yourself….