How to build a powerboat with Uniface in a day

I am working on this worldwide Uniface community for a few month now. When I am asked about the purpose of this community I still need to think about the answer. Today I have found a useful metaphor. I want to build a powerboat, the fasted and the most reliable.

Today, I am sitting in the Australian sun witnessing a powerboatrace. The machines fly like planes, fast as a racingcar and dangerous like nothing else I have seen before. In one of the races 3 out of 5 boats didn’t make it till the finish. One of them was on pole position. So this boat was fast, but not as reliable as it should be.

uniface powerboat

By the way, this is my first time ever on the southern half of the world. I had the choice: skiing in Finland or go to down under. Let me put it in another way. I could choose between seeing the northern light or experience the sun shining from the north at noon…  I can tell you, everything is upside down, not only the sun but even my sence of direction is completely lost.

Back to the boats. It’s an expensive way of spending time. Designing, building, using and maintaining cost a fortune. Being fast is very important. But reliability is another thing. All boats that didn’t make it till the finish line had problems with their engines. Both are as important!

This is where my thoughts went straight to Uniface. Isn’t it the same with software? A lot of effort is put in the development of software solutions, but if the engine is not reliable it’s a waste of energy. Uniface is a very reliable engine, a powerful jetengine to drive complex business solutions.

With this community I want to deliver all the tools to build software solutions with the Uniface engine under the hood. It’s like delivering a complete construction box to build a jetengined powerboat.

So the purpose of this community is to collect, build, share and maintain everything that a modern Uniface developer needs to build and deliver state of art software solutions.

This includes:

  • A set of standards, guidelines and conventions
  • Tools for developers to make their life little easier
  • Pieces of code or algorithms
  • Plugins
  • Samples and demos

In the end it’s my dream to have complete set of frameworks a developer can use to build any application within a day. It’s like delivering a boat to every ‘driver’. We can all have the same boat and only the skills of the driver make a difference. And all open source, of course!

At this point we are still working on our own environment. You are free to follow our progress:

Want to learn more about Uniface? Please visit the Uniface website.