Uniface community blog postings

the Open source Uniface Community

Below you will find a list of blogs I wrote for the open source Uniface community. Some of them where publised in the Uniface community website Unifaceinfo.

Distribution license agreement

It’s been for a few months now that I am working on a community for Uniface developers. It turned out to be a journey. Well, I expected it to be a journey, but it’s definitely longer. It’s like a holiday trip to an unknown destination.

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Building an open source Uniface community and some of the legal stuff you need to think about

Starting an open source software community is quite a time consuming job. I admit, I may have slightly underestimated it. One of those thing I never calculated was the legal part of a community. One of them is the intellectual ownership… We all know the

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uniface powerboat

How to build a powerboat with Uniface in a day

I am working on this worldwide Uniface community for a few month now. When I am asked about the purpose of this community I still need to think about the answer. Today I have found a useful metaphor. I want to build a powerboat, the

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Where to start when you want to have a web app

Life in The Netherlands is good in general. Since a few month I life in Amsterdam, that’s even better. Very lively, which I like. Within a few hundred metres from my house I have several bars and restaurants. Another great thing about living in Amsterdam

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What is the best time to plant a tree

What is the best time to plant a tree? According to a Chinese proverb it’s 20 years ago. The second best time is now. As Uniface developers we know this is true. Most applications written in Uniface originate from 20 year ago. And they are

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New Year’s resolution

This are the first lines I write in this new year, 2017. I want to start with wishing you all a very good and successful year. How strange is it. On New Year’s Eve we look back, while on New Year’s day we make plans

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Make some noice

In my previous blog posting I told you about my worries. I was thinking about it and even talked to a few of you about it. It reminded me to something that happened to me once. A few years ago I was hired by an

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I love Uniface

If you think ‘hey, this is a strange posting? Where is the technical stuff?’, you are right. Most of you don’t know who I am. My name is Peter Lammersma. I am an entrepreneur and work with Uniface since 1996. Uniface was my employer from

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